Pain is only relevant if it still hurts.

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you got something on your butt

my eyes 

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Tazers massive Gluteous Maximus walking into the stickroom at practice!

Jonathan Toews is one hell of a Captain.

"He means so much to that hockey team, so much to the game in general,you just don’t replace a guy like that."

Wayne Gretzky on Jonathan Toews (ESPN Chicago)

I feel bad for Jon because everyone is always all “Oh Captain Serious”, “Mr.Serious” and stuff..Not that I don’t do that, because obviously when he’s in game mode, yeah,he’s all serious.

But he’s actually a really sweet,funny,happy guy.

Everytime I talked to him he was just smiling,and laughing and stuff,and unfortunately they never film that and put it on t.v, of just like him relaxing :/

Poor Cappy

Omg can someone please gif Seabs duck-duck-goosing the boys after Tazers goal!?

Random thoughts:

While on my two hour drive home today I spent the majority of time thinking about one thing in particular. What might that thing be, you may ask? If I had certain hockey players phone numbers, what would I have their ringtones be?  This is my unfinished list so far:

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